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About us  

  • The firm AUDIT d.o.o., Zagreb, Benkovićeva 2 (ured: Metalčeva ul. 5) is established at 29. March 1993 and at 14. April 1993 obtained the working licence from the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia and since that date the firm started with its auditing practice.

  • The firm AUDIT d.o.o. is put into the register of Trade court in Zagreb under No. 08001289 and the register of the Croatian Chamber of Auditors under No. 100000310.

  • The firm AUDIT d.o.o. is one of the largest domestic auditing companies employing 4 certified auditors licensed by the Croatian Chamber of Auditors, as follows:

    Darko Karić, graduate economist, certified auditor, 24 years of auditing experience;
    Dubravka Tršinar, graduate economist, certified auditor, 31 years of auditing experience;
    Kristina Mikčevac, graduate economist, certified auditor, 12 years of auditing experience;
    Vladimir Vuk, certified auditor, 5 years of auditing experience;

  • The employees of the firm AUDIT d.o.o., with their theoretical knowledge and auditing practice are qualified for an expert, consistent and independent implementation of internationally recognized and well-known auditing methodology which at the highest professional level enables full application of auditing procedures ascertained by the International Auditing Standards in conformity with the Law on audit.

  • The firm AUDIT d.o.o. is member of MOORE GLOBAL NETWORK Ltd., one of the largest, international prestigious auditing, accounting and business consultancy firms. The MOORE GLOBAL NETWORK Ltd., with its main headquarters in London, is registered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, comprising 260 independent companies, in 110 countries employs 30.000 high educated workers. 

    Tvrtka AUDIT d.o.o. je članica MOORE GLOBAL NETWORK Ltd. jedne od, na svijetu najvećih, međunarodno prestižnih revizorskih, računovodstvenih i poslovno konzultantskih tvrtki. MOORE GLOBAL NETWORK Ltd. sa sjedištem u Londonu osnovana u skladu sa engleskim zakonodavstvom, čini  preko 260 neovisnih tvrtki u 110 zemalja sa preko 30.000 djelatnika.

  • The key objective of the members of MOORE GLOBAL NETWORK Ltd. is to render to the clients the auditing services, accountant, tax and other kinds of business consulting at a high professional level based on common development, knowledge and experience of all its members, enabling identical, high standards of rendering of professional services in every country.

  • The firm AUDIT d.o.o., as a member of MOORE GLOBAL NETWORK Ltd. enables to its clients the implementation of auditing procedures, accounting, tax and other business consulting according to controlled, international professional standards and due to this, our statements are internationally acceptable, which gives them more greater importance especially in regard to investors, shareholders and business partners.

  • We particularly emphasize the fact that the firm AUDIT d.o.o. is one of not numerous domestic auditing firms which has with its former work confirmed the international reputation and professional status as well as by the fact that THE WORLD BANK CROATIA COUNTRY OFFICE licensed and authorized the firm AUDIT d.o.o. for the auditing of projects in Croatia financed by the World Bank.