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Our visions and strategy 

Our vision and strategy is to render to our clients a high professional service of auditing, accounting, tax and other business consulting, reestablishing the individual access to each client on the basis of introduction and identification their specific requests and needs, and by that means to became a credible, reliable partner which will optimally satisfy their requests and needs.

Our vision and strategy as a member of MOORE GLOBAL NETWORK Ltd., through the interactions of our experience, knowledge and skills and also the experience, knowledge and skills of other international members into the association of MOORE GLOBAL NETWORK Ltd., is to render to our clients the auditing services, accountant, tax and other kinds of business consulting at a high professional level based on a common international development, knowledge and experience of all members of a Association.

Our goal is, by means of rendering of our services at a high professional level, to be the leader auditing firm, and among the five greatest auditing companies in Croatia.